What is CrossFit: In our own (not so predictable) MTT words

Posted by Jennie Clark

Aug 29, 2014 9:07:14 PM


Often we hear, "What is CrossFit?" 

So we asked our MN Top Team Eagan CrossFit members but we also asked our non-CrossFitters: some of our  coaches and trainers who love to tease and love to hate CrossFit, because hating CrossFit is trendy and we're all competitive so we all think what others are doing is dumb or not nearly as good as what "we're" doing.  But, it's all in good fun.  I think.

Here you have it.  In our "own" words: 

womenliftTwo things that are great about CrossFit: 1. Adherence. CrossFitters are not casual gym goers so they tend to make great initial progress because they show up. 2. Resistance training, aka lifting. I believe resistance training is one of the most important activities for a healthy life. CrossFit has people lifting and has played a large role in getting women to lift without fear and I think that is great. One thing not so great about CrossFit: Not enough bicep curls! ~ Mark S. MN Top Team Personal Trainer
badCFI perceive crossfit somewhat as a group of masochists that enjoy putting themselves through a large amount of discomfort for little reason other than to say they can do it. I do not understand the satisfaction that they get from exhaustion. It also seems somewhat cult-ish. That is, from the outside, those that do crossfit seem as though they are a close-knit group that seem to be a bit stand-offish towards outsiders and seem as though they have an elitest perception of themselves. Also, from what I've seen and heard from others is that crossfitters sacrifice technique and proper form for speed. I'm unsure of why they do this. A positive opinion may be because they want to constantly be moving in an attempt to get their aerobic exercise maximized. A negative opinion would be that perhaps they perceive a higher number of reps completed to be the only measure of success rather then proper execution of the techniques and fully engaging the muscle groups with that particular exercise is suppose to engage for maximum results: Not to mention the safety risks that become involved when you are not using proper technique to complete lifts and similar exercises. All that being said, CrossFit looks very difficult and grueling and anyone who does that to themselves willingly on a regular basis is a mentally tough SOB and that shouldn't be taken away from them. ~ Brandon B, BJJ Instructor (Q: have you ever tried CrossFit? A: No. Have you ever initiated a conversation with a CrossFitter? A: No.  Have you personally witnessed poor technique or injury or an actual CrossFit workout or what are you basing these opinions from? A: The Internet)
babiesCFOne word, preschool! Wooooohooooo! Easy work! Hahaha! ~ Alex V, Minnesota Top Team Boxing Coach
CrossFit = supervised consensual torture. ~ Al Pann, MTT Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor
jiujitsuWhile I'm repping armbars, they're lifting weights. While I'm hitting guard passes, they're climbing ropes. While I'm perfecting sweeps, they are working circuits. They wear crazy socks, they play loud music, they do workouts with funny names. My world is on the mat, but CrossFit?, I don't even know..." ~ Jon Grilz, MN Top Team Eagan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor
Was listening to some music on the way over today and heard this "Wasn't ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-prepared.  I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there".  I feel like a better version of myself and I can't remember ever doing anything this good for myself either.  And, Crossfit has given me focus, it calms me down and makes the rest of my life better.    I stayed at first because it hurt and I wanted to get better, now it hurts way worse than before and I want to be better than I really ever imagined.  I'm so glad that I found MTT when I did. ~ Austin F, MTT CrossFitter
Crossfit classes push your intensity (in your workout) far beyond what you would do on your own or think you can handle. It's a very positive competitive family. ~ John W, CrossFit MNTop Team.
  • bigboxgymMTT CrossFit is my happy place. Shitty day at work? Going to CrossFit makes it better. I definitely tried to run away from my problems on a treadmill or out-lift bad days in big-box gyms. It just doesn't work -- unless you're at CrossFit.
  • There are tons of workouts I enjoy doing on my own. CrossFit is not one of those. In fact, the few times I have done CrossFit workouts alone, I quit early or did really, really poorly. And I think that speaks volumes to the community that embodies CrossFit. I come to the gym twice a day, every day, and get my butt kicked by whatever the workout is, but I keep coming back because of the incredible community and friendships. CrossFit gives you a chance to work out harder than you could alone, and to do so with the support and company of a group of people who are all pursuing the same goal.
  • blazersWhat has CrossFit done for me? It made my shoulders outgrow my blazers and my butt outgrow my jeans.
  • The CrossFit community is huge, but somehow, CrossFitters make each other feel welcome everywhere. When I'm traveling, coaches and athletes at other gyms are welcoming and accommodating. You don't get that treatment and family feel from LifeTime or other big-box gyms when you visit a gym other than your own. ~ Becky S. MTT CrossFitter (You can't ask a writer for 2-3 sentences; won't happen, but we're glad, thanks Becky. )

Crossfit is an intense mental and physical workout. It requires commitment and builds confidence. It's challenging and fun. Crossfit takes hard work and delivers reward.  #19, CrossFitter

CrossFit is a Cult.  ~ Dave H, MTTCF

DeathBallatMTTI do crossfit because I like the competition it is much more motivating than working out on your own.  Also I live for playing the ball game and seeing JoEllen.  ~ Dave H, MTTCF

Groupon made me start, the people made me stay.  CrossFit to me is:  a butt-kicking, weakness revealing, strength building, different every day, limit pushing, no nonsense, 60 minutes of thinking about nothing else, race.  While anyone can do CrossFit by scaling workouts, not everyone can do CrossFit.  Crossfit isn't 25% effort, or even 85% effort.  It is 100% effort every time by everyone.  My 100% numbers are different than the next person's, but as long as 100% is given and left on the floor, that is all that matters.  Karen M, Minnesota Top Team, CF


Anyone else want to chime in? Leave a comment below, about you just come try out a class to free to check it out? MN Top Team Free Week



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