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Posted by Jennie Clark

Jul 9, 2014 8:03:00 AM

MNTopTeam_tattooSo, this happened this week.  Yes you're seeing this right, Brody got an awesome MTT tattoo.  Who's next? C'mon, where's your loyalty??  Now if I could only get Jeremy to allow me to put an MTT sticker on the car, we'd be one step closer to matching tattoos.

In other not-as-huge-but-equally-important news....

MN_Top_Team_Stanley_CupMinnesota Top Team hockey news:  There was a shark attack on Manhatten beach in Los Angeles.  Who cares?  We do/Jeremy does - that's where he goes for LA Kings training and where all the guys (jeremy once) swim. In fact they were there that day. unreal.  #nevergointhewateragain.   We were lucky enough to head to Boston for a Stanley Cup party/Christmas card photo op.  We're not gonna lie, we're super lucky - this was our third Cup party in 6 years.  Hockey S&C and self defense training is in full swing at MTT  Eagan. Show up any afternoon and you'll find it full of manchilds and legit athletes.  You may even recognize a few faces.  MTT_hockey_fight_training_MN

In Boxing we had amateur boxers Avery, Gavin and Xavier head to Oakdale for their annual Summerfest Golden Gloves Event.  They didn't disappoint and did what they always do by putting their heart and soul into their bouts and left it all in the ring.  Xavier came out with a powerful Win and we're so proud of all of the guys who train so hard, day in and day out, and showed up to step into the ring.   A special hats off, always, to our ever-so-dedicated coaches, Roy, Robert and Alex.  Happy birthday to Roy Dunlap (July 5)!!

MTT Rosemount Kids boxing has a new firecracker of a student named Naquon. Naquon can do a jump-in-the-air-land-in-the-splits thing.  Definitely worth mentioning and showing....


MTT_CrossFit_day1bmiWe welcomed Nick to MTT CrossFit. Nick is from Florida and is a good friend of Jeff's.  Nick was with us for our inaugral CrossFit workout back in July of 2012 and we're thrilled to have him with us permanently. You'll see him at MTT for the early morning workouts.  Also in CrossFit, because everything is a race even if it's not a race -- we started an 8-week body composition challenge and everyone participating did their weigh ins and body fat percentages, which was "fun" and created much chatter throughout the week.  Winners win prizes.

In BJJ in Eagan we had Old School night when former MTT Jiu Jitsu Instructor Ryan Iverson showed up on the mat and our long-time friend and former MTT'er Zig Eva showed up on the same night.  It was a great night of rolling and we look forward to their next visit.   Luke had a bday and somehow escaped his Shark Tank - we'll fix that.  Also, Jon wrote another well-said blog on finding motivation to stick with BJJ. Read it.


MTT Rosemount BJJ kids earned their stripes and if these aren't the cutest little dedicated grapplers, then I don't know what's cute anymore. 

Belt_stripe_BJJ_Rosemount_MN      Kids_jiujitsu_rosemount_mn     Rosemount_martial_arts

That's it for this week!  Don't forget to tell your friends about MTT and take advantage of our JULY ONLY referral program ($25 to you for new members).  ALSO the first class in any program is always free, tell your friends that too. 

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