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Posted by Jennie Clark

Nov 14, 2014 2:06:00 PM

We're as busy as ever over here at Minnesota Top Team.  

Everyone's asking about the building so here's where we're at:  

Buying a commercial building has been an interesting ride.  We get more bad news than good news with the day to day stuff but the BEST news is that she's ours and we're keeping our eye on the prize.  Once we muddle through the red tape and get over the sticker shock of every-single-thing-that-needs-doing, we'll have THE most awesome gym ever and we'll be able to provide our members with even more of the good stuff we already do.  

Photo_Oct_24,_1_26_19_PM   Photo_Oct_19,_3_29_40_PM   dodd_pwrwash

The demo is done and this was no small task.  All interior walls, plumbing, electrical, ceiling lights, floor tiles, etc etc.  Jeremy labored through many many hours of tedious, cold and dirty work and he had some help along the way from some of our MTT members and family.  The roof is done, the new lights are nearly done, the well has been fixed, and the plumbing for the new bathrooms begins next week.  Then we work on getting the walls up, painting, planning, clearing the parking lot etc.  We're moving right along! 

CalendarFAQ: When are you moving in?  We don't know yet.  We're hoping within 6 months but there is a lot that has to line up and take place in order for that to happen. Trust you'll know the date as soon as we do!

In other news: 

MTT Rosemount continues to grow and we love our little satellite gym and our dedicated members.  We are offering a Rosemount-only special for a limited time:  30 days of Unlimited Boxing and Jiu Jitsu classes for $49.95 and if you join within those 30 days you can apply that $49.95 towards your membership.  Like a Groupon without going through Groupon.  Call or email or stop in to get started. 

Armful of Love:  This is our third year of adopting five Dakota County families this holiday season.  In Eagan we will have a basket of 80 names/gifts to buy that will need to be purchased, wrapped and returned to Eagan by 12/1/14. This is a short amount of time to get all of this done so please stop in early next week and pick a name! We also need grocery store gift cards in any amount and we will take cash donations to help purchase gifts.  It's heart breaking to see the simple needs some of these kids are asking for so let's make this a super special holiday to remember for these five families and provide them with some quality gifts! 

Ihockeybagst's in-season hockey training time at MTT.  You'll see 60 Sibley Bantams converge on to MTT Eagan on Wednesday nights and the Highland Bantams are with us on Tuesdays through February.  We love watching our hockey athletes progress in their strength and conditioning through the season. Be sure to peek in and watch them work!

Also in hockey: The team Jeremy trains in Germany is here in MN for two weeks!  We've got them lined up to play several local teams, hit a wild game, tour of the Xcel, do some shopping at the MOA and of course endure some training sessions with Jeremy.  

robertintxMTT Boxing Coach Robert Brant has been in Texas training for his next fight where he is looking to take his pro record to 13-0.  He fights on Friday 11/21/14 at Grand Casino Hinckley and as I write this we have 5 GA tickets available at $35 each and one $50 reserved seating ticket available.  We hope to see everyone there! 

Submission Hunt is coming up quickly on 11/22/14. It's not too late for our BJJ members to get signed up to compete at this fun tournament.  Get outside your comfort zone guys and roll with some new people.

That's it for this week's happenings.  We'll see you in the gym!


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