NEW!! Total Body Circuit Classes at MTT Rosemount

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jan 2, 2015 2:27:31 PM

We're thrilled to intoduce TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT classes led by Amy Presler at our MN Top Team Rosemount location.  Read what Amy has to say about her class and what it can do for you.

Total Body Circuit Class offers the individual attention of a Personal Trainer coupled with the motivation of a group workout environment. This is a complete Total Body workout accomplished in 45 minutes. Body weight exercises, “outside the box” fitness fun, and speed and agility drills combined with a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) format to produce noticeable results in lean body tissue.

From the dreaded “Burpee” to basic situps and pushups, our own body weight resistance offers us endless possibilities for effective exercises. Has it been a while since you used a jump rope? Or ran relays? We'll squeeze in some fun, between the Bear Crawls and the Spiderman Planks!

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Posted by Jennie Clark

Oct 31, 2011 11:16:00 PM

So about a month or so ago Jeremy indulged yet again in his documentary-watching obsession and stumbled upon Fat, Sick and Nearly dead.  He was so intrigued that he then rented Food Matters -- and he was hooked.  The Craigslist and Ebay search for a juicer began with fervor and less than a week later we were the proud owners of a used Breville 1000. Clueless, really, about what exactly we were getting into, I knew I'd have to do some of my own movie watching and reading.

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