Keeping up with MN Top Team: Mud, Mats, Hockey, and Angels

Posted by Jennie Clark

Mar 8, 2016 9:39:05 PM

ParkinglotMNtopteam.jpgLots to share - be sure to read to the bottom.

Spring appears to have arrived extra early which is GREAT for everyone except our sweet parking lot.  There is mud and there will be mud until such a time when there is no mud.  Thanks for your patience and for wiping your feet upon entering.  Speaking of may notice that it's getting busier in here in the evenings (yes!) so please be aware of how you're parking; don't leave too much space between cars and pull all the way foward.  We dream a dream of painted lines and curbs. 

newmatsatmntopteam.jpgLet's get right to the fun stuff.  Have you seen our new Jiu Jitsu mats?  What you maybe haven't seen is the emotion that's packed in and around them.  It has long been a dream of Jeremy's to have logo'd customized jiu jitsu mats and on 3/7/16 that dream came to life, after 9 years of owning a (sick) gym and piecing mats together at bargain and slightly used prices.  We've come a long way baby.  Don't even think of stepping on them with your shoes on or you can deal with Jeremy directly.  (side note:  the doorway between CF and BJJ is officially no longer accessible, please go around.) 

More fun BJJ news: we have added a NOON class on Wednesdays lead by coach Zach and it will be No-Gi.  Check out the new schedule.  On a huge-bummer note, BJJ Coach Thao Le tore his pec (ouch) and it will require surgery so he'll be off the mat for an undetermined amount of time.  Zach will be taking over his Tuesday GI classes until Thao is healed up.  GET WELL SOON, Thao! 

youthboxingatmntopteam.jpgOn the Boxing side of the house....oh man, we are GROWING!  Can you feel the energy? It's incredible.  Don't forget we have Saturday classes too: 9am adults and 10am youth (ages 10-14).  If you haven't heard, our very own Robert Brant is fighting in MINNESOTA on April 15! Grand Casino Hinckley. Let us know ASAP if you want tickets and we'll get them delivered here for you.  $35 general admission, $50 VIP, or $75 Table Seats.  

This Saturday 3/12/16 we have five of our Boxers (Alan, Cesar, Eddie, Dylan, and Eric) heading up to compete in fights in Duluth.  What a fun reason for a weekend roadtrip; we'd love to see some of our MTT supporters there for our fighters!

Our 2016 MTT Summer Hockey / Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning Camp is open for registration!  This WILL fill up so get your teen athlete's registered.  Here's is the link for details and registration.New Call-to-action

In CrossFit news:  The Open is going on.  That is all. OH, AND Kelly Wild.... our WOD programmer and Coach, is currently ranked a mere 79th...IN THE WORLD. NBD. Speechless we are. 

feb_sweatangels.jpegmarch_sweatangels.jpegWe are KILLING this check-in thing.  Last month between MN Top Team and MTT CrossFit FB pages we checked in 311 times which equaled 62 HOURS of shelter pet care! That's outstanding!   In March we are checking in for Sight-Restoring Surgeries for Children.  How can you NOT check in knowing this?  What an amazing group to be a part of; in February all of the gyms associated with Sweat Angles donated over 66K hours of pet care. #proud.  Workout, Check In, Do Good.   (it's even better to post a pic with your check in and use a #hashtag too!)  #sight4kids

You like our new shower doors?! We do too! You are welcome to use the showers on ONE CONDITION:  Help us keep them looking shiny and new. When you use them PLEASE squeegy or spray the "after shower" spray on the doors.  Both are placed very obviously inside each shower.  Thank you.

NEWEST_PERSONAL_PRESERVATION_FOR_MTT.jpgGet signed up today for our first-ever Personal Preservation Course, "Taking Self Defense to the Next Level".  This is a course that will cover situational awareness, Behavorial Indicators, Conflict Avoidance, Negotiating Restraints, and Personal Protection Techniques.  It will be a 4-hour course held over 2 days:  Friday April 8 from 6-8pm and Saturday April 9 from 12-2pm.  The cost is $79. You can register online at or in person here at Minnesota Top Team.

That's it folks.  Get your friends in here.  Or your whole team.  



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