MTT2.0 Update: Sorry If I Bit(e) Your Head Off

Posted by Jennie Clark

Mar 19, 2015 10:39:00 PM

bitoffheadIt's gotten to the point, after being asked about 40 times a day, that if one.more.person asks "what's the actual move date?" I'm afraid of what I'm capable of doing to them.  So, this is my public pre and post-apology to anyone whose head I bite off for asking such an innocent, obvious, simple question.   It's not you, it's me, honest. 

We said March but what we really meant was March-ish.  It's nearly impossible to come up with "a date" because there's just so much in the air, work still to be done, work that is reliant upon other people and their schedules and the bottom line is that we will ultimately need the green light from our friends at the City of Eagan before we can actually occupy (ie be open for business) the building.  

april6So here it is, DO NOT HOLD US TO IT: We are AIMING for the final move over Easter weekend and have MINNESOTA TOP TEAM open for business at the new Eagan location on Monday April 6. HOPEFULLY.

This means things will be SPARSE at the gym over the next couple weeks as we continue to move stuff over.  No worries, your Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing,  and CrossFit workouts will not suffer, we're very creative.  Thank you for your patience.

PhotoMar1494204PMWe have come so far.  That feels like an understatement.  WE HAVE COME SO FAR.  Jeremy and James have spent most of their waking hours there getting stuff done, most recently they've spent countless hours and many nights till midnight working on tile.  It would have cost us $12k to have the tile done by someone else and there have been several times throughout the past 2 weeks where theyve both sworn it would have been worth it.  It's still not done because GROUT is a whole other process.  But we're getting there. James hates thank yous, so....thank you James.

PhotoMar1531220PMWe need to give a special thanks to MTT CrossFit member Austin Figgins.  He owns Wyatt Automated (home and commercial integrated sound, lighting, climate control, etc) and he and his crew have spent countless hours wiring the place for sound, wireless internet, etc. It's all so neat and clean and well done that you probably won't even be able to see what they've done, that's the beauty of it.  However, you will be able to hear it because the speakers are AMAZING.  Call them!

PhotoMar1435729PMAlso thanks to MTT CrossFit member Clarissa Kramer for her idea for the black wall sections and program names on the wall. She also is responsible for the awesome MTT logos painted on the walls.  We appreciate her time and energy in getting this done for us!

We have these cool glass block windows throughout the building  and the guys from Quick Set were so efficient, professional and easy to work with.  If you need any glass block work done, you must call them!

      PhotoMar16101656PM          PhotoMar1532417PM           PhotoMar1531232PM

We simply couldn't have done it without the help of so many MTT volunteers. We're humbled by it actually.  The givers of their time are so generous.  There are too many to name because I'll undoubtedly leave someone out. 

PhotoMar1531159PM-441256-edited  PhotoMar0821254PM-522261-edited  MTTBJJ_OliverDonnelly PhotoMar1531259PM

We still need help on weekends, if you're free come and join us for all the fun and see what lies ahead. 

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