MTT on a mission to get you out of the kitchen.

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jul 16, 2014 1:40:00 PM

We stopped cooking.  Except for breakfast, we still go through 3 dozen eggs a week.  But other than that. Donezo.

Before I go any further -- THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH OR AN ADVERTISEMENT.  Just a testimonial from the bottom of my heart.  We stand nothing to gain, scouts honor. We sell things here at Minnesota Top Team that we believe in and that we stand behind.  (Except for those NRG bands, we never really did get our heads around those.  You can have one for $5, we paid $40 each, not even kidding.)

advocare-24-day-challengeadvocareAgain, we stand behind the stuff we sell.  Like Advocare - we sell tons of Advocare because it works for people.  It's especially good for people who are just getting started in trying to clean up their diet, get on a good food track,  drop some weight and increase their energy.  We've had well over 100 people do our 10-day cleanse or 24-day challenge and 99% got results.  Advocare also has some amazing performance supplements for those athletic types.  Rich Froning, CrossFit champion of the world and the world's fittest man, even uses Advocare. MTT Boxing Coach, Robert, gets (even more) bouncy-excited about Advocare's Arginine Extreme and O2Gold and he has even occasionally traded in his (horrendous) Monster drinks for Spark energy drinks.  

ProgenexWe also sell and love Progenex.  We love it because it's simple, it tastes good and if the CrossFit athletes of the world use it and swear by it then by all means who are we NOT to use it??  Their More Muscle and Recovery drinks are delish and high protein with low carbs, the Force pre-workout drinks WORK, and the fish oil is top notch.  Simple. Good. Effective. 

QuestBarsQuest Bars - oh my goodness. Just try them, I don't have to talk about how amazingly yummy and candy-bar-like-without-any-sugar-at-all they are because you will be sold on them the minute you bite into one.  Top sellers: Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, White Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Roll.

Ok, here's how to stop cooking:  ORIGIN MEALS. We're busy.  We get home after 9pm every night and we're running pretty much all day.  I have always absolutely dreaded the grocery store and the stress and pressure of coming up with healthy, tasty meals. Who has time and energy for all that?  You have to think about meals, make lists, shop, store, prepare, cook, and clean up from meals.  And 90% of the time we just ate out; multiple times per day. 

OM  OM2Enter Origin Meals.  (While we don't sell these meals here, they do get dropped off here at Minnesota Top Team.)  

Local company, great, honest guy running the show (Tyler), HEALTHY meals, paleo inspired, grain free, dairy free, pre-made ready to eat lunches and dinners.  I don't know how to begin to tell you how absolutely amazing these meals taste.  These meals have become my happy place.  Every time I heat them up (microwave or stove top, you choose) I am absolutely delighted with the efficiency, health, variety and taste.  Beyond good.  Beyond easy.  No food going bad in the fridge because I ran out of time or motivation to prepare something fabulous.  No more stressing about trying to be creative and healthy all at the same time.  

OM1One of the first things people say they'd do if they won the lottery is hire a personal chef so they could eat healthy. NO NEED.  You just won the lottery with Origin Meals.  

1. Order lunches, dinners, or lunches&dinners for 3 or 5 days online at ($10.50 standard size, $13.50 XL size) we both get standard size, plenty of food.

OM32.  Choose your drop-off location (locations all across the metro, including MN Top Team Eagan)

3. Pick up your meals on Mondays and Thursdays (see, always fresh!)

4. Be happy, be free, eat well.




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