MTT CrossFit: celebrating strength and not being a waif

Posted by Jennie Clark

Aug 5, 2014 4:15:38 PM

Check out what our guest blogger, Mallory Pote of MTT CrossFit, has to say about being strong (not a tiny waif ) and finding her happy place.

Prior to college, I was a competitive weightlifter.  I was unexpectedly good. I ended up placing 3rd in School-age nationals my first year. Over the 3 years I competed, I toned and got stronger, but I was not small.  I realized that this is just fine because my build is why I can lift.  I will never be tiny because I am not meant to be tiny.  I was proud of my sport and my ability and my body.

I attended UW-Madison and needless to say I participated in the pervasive drinking culture and there was the lack of motivation to exercise. So, I graduated much heavier than when I entered!  Post-college I realized that this was not who I am and I was not happy with how I felt.  So to keep motivated I decided that I was going to run a 10K. The race day came and I had lost 20 pounds and completed the race!

group_crossfitI moved back to the Twin Cities area and I continued to run, but I was getting bored. I had always wanted to try boxing so I was looking for a gym that provided this option.  I did my research and came upon Minnesota Top Team in Eagan. I joined the boxing class and LOVED it.  Despite how much I enjoyed boxing my job required something with more schedule flexibility.  I switched to MTT CrossFit and instantly drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid (paleo of course).

I rediscovered my love of lifting and being strong.  Here is the thing about Crossfit; it is really hard and there are things that I am not good at doing and there things that I am good at doing.  Each day I go in to the gym, I just try to do the best that my body will allow.  I understand where my limitations have been and have focused on improving steadily.  When I started I couldn’t do one pull up.  Now I can do several.  I couldn’t do a rope climb, now I can.  Of course I could do the Olympic lifts, but now I am doing heavier weights than I did when I competed.

blazersI feel challenged and feel a healthy competitiveness with my fellow CrossFitters, but what keeps me coming back every day is the camaraderie. Your peers support you in all your successes and challenges.  And as someone who is not built small, I love a sport where it is good to have strong arms, shoulders and legs and not be a waif.  Being fit is the goal!  It is a sport that encourages women to embrace and develop their bodies and their strength.  It is a good when your shoulders are too big for your old blazers or size small shirts.

Mallory_CleanSince joining MTT, I have lost 25 more pounds.  BUT more important than anything is I feel better and I feel stronger. I know that I am in the best shape I have ever been and because of the community at MTT I will always go back.  Crossfit has re-inspired me and every day is a bit different so I will never get bored. I will always have to fight for my fitness and for a healthy weight, but now that I have a sport to be passionate about, I have no fear of going backwards.  I will be a CrossFitter for life! group

We love having Mallory part of our MTT family!  In true CrossFit spirit she's strong, positive, dedicated, always welcoming and super supportive to everyone around her. Oh, and she plays a mean game of death ball; good luck getting the ball away from her! 

Interested in trying CrossFit? Please join us for a free Fundamentals class. MN Top Team Free Week

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