Keeping up with MN Top Team: so many new things

Posted by Jennie Clark

Feb 3, 2016 8:26:51 PM

So much always happening here at MN Top Team.  Where to start where to start....let's go with....

JIU JITSU:   We've got new coaches!  Very excited to welcome Zach Jeffrey and Carl Bussian zach_jeffrey.jpgto our "instructor" ranks.  Zach is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt and a 10th Planet NoGi purple belt.  He runs an carl_bussian.jpgabsolutely awesome class on Saturdays and look for him to take on an extra day or two in the near future.  Carl is a blue belt and is one of our most dedicated BJJ members and is excited to take on more of a leadership role here at MTT.  Carl is now our MTT BJJ Manager and he will be offering a free BJJ private to new people... (sign up!)New Call-to-action

...among other responsibilities.  Tell your friends to get in here to MTT to try out a free Private BJJ Lesson. 

Jeremy_Clark_Layout_Charcoal3.jpgWe're getting new mats - this is exciting stuff in our world.  All one-color floor and wall mats, MTT logos and all.  Watch for these to be installed early March and thank you for your patience with our oldish-but-still-cleaned-everyday puzzle mats in the meantime.  

BOXING:  We've had lots of our MTT boxers get matched up for fights lately thanks to the commitment of our Competition Boxing coaches, Roy and John. They give A LOT of their free time to line up fights and be there to corner them etc.  Be sure to give an extra THANK YOU to your MTT Boxing coaches!

980152_10153421177438553_7218286483868845933_o.jpgLITTLE EDDIE made it to Nationals! We're so proud of Eddie, he's growing up before our eyes here at MTT and he's become a force to be reckoned with in the MN Boxing Community.  Eddie won the Upper Midwest Silver Gloves championship which earned him a spot at the National Silver Gloves Tournament! 

robertKO.jpgICYMI:  ROBERT BRANT won his last fight on Showtime for a now 19-0 Pro Record and he may be up for KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR, because DID YOU SEE THAT KNOCKOUT? Here it is.  

CROSSFIT: Our CF program is growing as we welcome new members every week.  There's a little thing called "THE OPEN" coming up where everone in the CF world competes against each other.  It's miserably fun and we're excited to see everyone sign up and find out how they rank against other people in their age bracket.  Sign up here!

ALSO - we have a CF special for new members!  50% off their first full month. Get your people in here. New Call-to-action

SWEAT ANGELS:  We're so thrilled to be a part of this charitable program.   In February, every 5 check-ins provides one hour of care to shelter animals at Best Friends Animal Society.  We love our pets and your pets and homeless pets, so, all YOU have to do is check in to either Minnesota Top Team or MTT CrossFit - that's it!  It's even better if: 

  • SA-Promo-Feb2016-PRINT.jpgYou check-in with a picture or video
  • # hashtag our currect cause -- February it is #care4pets
  • tag someone you're with OR someone you want to join you here 

That's it for now!  Please help us get the word out about all the great programs here at MN Top Team.  

First class FREE in each program class!

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