Keeping up with MN Top Team: New Building, New Coach, Same awesome atmosphere!

Posted by Andrew Kapel

Jun 23, 2015 1:40:00 PM

New Building, New Coach, Same awesome atmosphere!


Well, obviously the big news as of late... the new Minnesota Top Team building in Eagan is open and operational!!! As I'm sure you are all aware Jeremy and Jennie have been at it night and day jumping through all kinds of municipal hoops to make it a reality, but all the hard work has paid off, and now Minnesota Top Team has a new roof to house all who have been a part of it since the start and the many to come in the future!  Big thanks goes out to everyone who did their part to make it happen, It wouldn't have been possibile without you.


IMG_0025-Edit-2So, in other recent developments, Minnesota Top Team has a new coach to cover all your Kickboxing needs! My name is Andrew Kapel and currently I am teaching the Kickboxing classes at 5:30 Monday-Thursday. I suppose I'll start with a bit about my story and how I wound up being part of MTT 2.0. 


kapelI started my path at Minnesota Kali Group in Minneapolis under Rick Faye. A friend and I would go 3 times a week, and Muay Thai became forever apart of my life's story. After a few amatuer fights I eventually started training at Minnesota Martial Arts Academy in Brooklyn Center under Greg Nelson. In 2008-2009 I spent nearly 6 months in Bangkok training at Kaewsamrit Gym. I fought there four times, but the real benefit was the world class daily training. When I returned to America I started training more seriously in jiu jitsu alongside Thai Boxing. I continued fighting professionally when I had the opportunity stateside, either MMA or Muay Thai. Eventually I travelled to Europe training and competing at various friends' gyms I had met throughout my martial arts journey. I was asked to fill in teaching jiu jitsu last year at MTT on Mondays and Wednesdays which is how I came to know Jeremy and Jen. 


Mandrew-kapely goal is to build a new kickboxing program that welcomes everybody and accommodates the most green of beginners to the most experienced of veterans. My classes are in their infancy here at the new MTT, but I look forward to getting traction with people interested and having a solid group of people wanting to get fit, stay fit and of course learn valuable realistic striking skills! I am available before my classes start at the front desk so feel free to introduce yourself!


Get one free week of Kickboxing! This deal is available to everyone, not just MTT members.  Stop in, call, or email us to get started.



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