Keeping up with MN Top Team: It's been 6 months

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jun 2, 2017 10:51:29 AM

It's been 6 MONTHS since our last Keeping up with MN Top Team! Here are the cliff notes:  

MTT COACHES: while they're not all "new" anymore, they haven't all been formally introduced so here we go.  

zach_jeffrey-1.jpg  Jose_Varella.jpg 

Jiu Jitsu:  Zach Jeffrey and Jose Varella are our two adult BJJ Instructors.  The energy and level of training they have brought to our BJJ classes has rejuvinated our program and our BJJ membership continues to grow weekly because of them. Now is the time to get on the mat and give it a try. New Call-to-actionWe'll even give you a free Private Lesson to get you started. 



kidsbjj-1.jpgKids Jiu Jitsu:  If you haven't peeked into the BJJ room on a Tues or Thurs lately, you should.  It's crawling with kids in gis having a blast and learning a skill that will be with them throughout their lives.  Our coaches Jason, Jason, Jose and assistants Declan and Nick are doing an amazing job of teaching these kids confidence, discipline, self defense and a love of fitness and learning.  

BleningerZach.jpg rob_rose.jpgCrossFit:  We have 6 CrossFit coaches that cover our 28 CrossFit classes every week: Jeff, Julian, Zac, Austin, Ashley, Kelly, and Rob.   New since our last update is Zac Bleninger who covers Tuesdays at 5:30am and Fridays at 5pm and Rob Rose who is now leading a CrossFit Gymnastics class on Thursdays at 6:30pm.  Don't forget we have early morning classes!  5:30am, 6:30am, Noon, and 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30pm.  

Ravy.jpg Andre.jpgBoxing: Boxing is our largest program with Kids (5-9), Youth (10-13), Adult (14+) and Competition Classes.  We have 6 coaches to cover all these classes: Alex, Roy, John, Casey, Ravy, and Andre. Ravy Cham (left) and Andre Sellers (right)  are our newest coaches.  Both bring with them many years of boxing training and a passion for the sport.  Ravy is teaching our little kid boxers and Andre covers our Saturday adult and youth boxing classes.  

Every one of our coaches offers private training sessions.  If you are looking to improve your technique, or hone in on your skills and want more individual attention, please contact your coach for pricing and availability! 

kidstourn.jpgJiu Jitsu news:  We've added a BJJ Essentials class to the schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm - great for beginners, yes, but great for all levels because drilling and reviewing the basics is the best for building a solid foundation.  We've also seen an uptick in women joining BJJ. It's been fun to see these girls get out of their comfort zone and fall in love with the physical and mental challenges that BJJ presents. It's humbling and empowering and way more fun than any of us expected.   Also, our kids have been participating in BJJ tournaments like crazy - so proud of these kids and our coaches! 

felipe_boxers.jpgBoxing news:  Our boxers are some of the most dedicated members we've ever seen. Week in and week out they are in here training. Getting ready for fights and ready for life.   Our MTT competition boxers and coaches are getting a great reputation in the boxing community and we could not be more proud of them.  We regularly have boxers competing around the twin cities and leaving their mark wherever they go.  Many of you know Felipe.  He's been with us at MTT on and off for 7 years.  Felipe is 50 years old and  just had his first fight last week and he won!  Great job, Felipe, working hard and fulfiling your dream!

murph_2017.jpgCrossFit news:  Coach Kelly Wild and her team from Timberwolf CrossFit have made it yet again to the CrossFit Games!  These athletes are in another universe of fitness and it's been so much fun watching them in Regionals and we can't wait to see them in Madison at the Games.  Kelly programs all of our CrossFit workouts and she coaches our Competition classes and when her scheudle allows she coaches regular CF classes.  For the 4th year we had several of our CrossFitters participate in the Murph Challenge in Excelsior on Memorial Day.  Starting next year we plan to start a new tradition of hosting the Murph Challenge for our members here at MTT with a grill out after.   We also have added a new class to the line up.  MTT CF Member, Rob Rose, will be teaching a Gymnastics class on Thursdays at 6:30pm for our CF members to work on pull ups, push ups, dips, hand stands, muscle ups etc.  We're excited to see the progression in our athletes! 

building.jpgMTT News:  Summer is here, hockey training is back in full swing here every morning with our pro players and afternoons with our high school groups.  Summer also means we're outside -- a lot -- so we need everyone to be extra careful coming in and out of the parking lot. SLOW DOWN IN THE PARKING LOT. 

Tell your friends - we are offering a free week of CROSSFIT to everyone and anyone, MTT members and their friends and family.  June 5-10 come in to any one of our 28 classes per week and see what CrossFit workouts are all about.  All of the workouts will be do-able for all levels.  MTT CrossFit Schedule.


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