Keeping up with MN Top Team: Hygiene, more classes, and more

Posted by Jennie Clark

Apr 3, 2016 10:28:50 PM

hygiene.pngIt's trying to warm up and that means we're all going to sweat more and that means....hygiene.  I'm trying to gently ease into a hygiene talk.  Always an awkward topic but a necessary one so stay with me quick.  Let's be respectful of each other and ourselves and make sure we're regularly washing our gym clothes, gis, hand wraps and whatever else. Wouldn't it be cool if we never wore the same workout clothes twice between washings? #goals  We're not saying you smell bad, we're just asking everyone to be aware of your partners' and gym mates' experience.  For our BJJ'ers remember to clip your nails (toes and fingers, sorry, seems gross to say) and mind your breath because things get close.   That's your PSA for the month.  Moving on. 

NEWEST_PERSONAL_PRESERVATION_FOR_MTT.jpgWe have a pretty cool opportunity to have our friend Joe Bezotte put on a "Personal Preservation" course which is another name for a self defense course.  It'll be quick but packed with knowledge.  It's a 4-hour hands-on seminar held at Minnesota Top Team; 2 hours on Friday 4/8/16 from 6-8pm and 2 hours on Saturday from 12-2pm.  The cost is only $79 - well worth it for your self awareness and self protection.  Tell your friends, sisters,brothers, moms and dads, sons and daughters. The deadline to register is WEDNESDAY 4/6/16. 

dylan_christian.jpgGreat news!  We're adding more boxing classes.  If you've been to the gym at all in the evenings you've seen our boxing classes are stacked which is so much fun and such great energy.  So we're adding to the fun by offering more Adult and Youth class times.  Plus we're switching things up a bit for the ages.  Ages 6-9 is now Kids Boxing (our current 5 year olds are grandfathered in!), youth is now ages 10-13 and our 14 year olds are moving into the adult boxing program.  Check out the new boxing schedule that starts this week. 

Our competition boxers have been BUSY, we've got them competing on the regular, so much so that it's hard to keep up with them. Our boxing coaches are working hard to see our boxers reach their goals and realize their dreams and we couldn't be more proud of the time, energy, effort, and passion they bring to their sport.  Here's the latest pic of some of our boxing team out to support Dylan and Christian in their fights on April 2.

hockey2.jpgWe are only two months away from the start of our MTT Summer Hockey/Lacrosse Strength and Conditioning Program for Bantams and up.  Don't delay in getting your athletes registered for this camp! Information here.  Register simply by contacting us.

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Jiu Jitsu is growing and we are thrilled to see full mats night after night.   A few things to remember:

  • Because we are part of M-Theory Martial Arts, our BJJ members are free to attend 2 classes per month at M-Theory in St. Louis Park
  • You can expect to see Prof Ishmael Bentley teaching class on the last Thurs or Friday of the month at MTT. 
  • We now have a noon class on Wednesdays lead by coach Zach. 
  • Read the hygiene PSA above. 

murph.pngWe are in the process of organizing a Twin City Throwdown CrossFit event to be held here at MTT!  Get your competitive hats on because we'll want a lot of our own showing up that day for some fun competition.  Details to follow but pencil in the weekend of 4/23. Also!  Memorial Day Murph is coming up!  We encourage everyone to take a look at this fun event and partner up, do it scaled, do it RX or do it elite, or just plan to show up to cheer everyone on, either way, let's plan to see lots of MTT'ers out in Excelsior that day for a great cause on a beautiful summer day.  

A few housekeeping items: 

  • You'd be surprised how important reviews are to people searching for us. We'd greatly appreciate any review you'd like to give us on any of the following sites: Google, Yelp, Facebook
  • Are you using the showers?  Please use the squeegee provided when you are finished or use the shower door spray.  
  • Be mindful of our line-less parking lot and don't leave gobs of space between you and the next car, we're full and we need the spots. 
  • The weight room is for MTT members ages 16+.  Weights and weight equipment are dangerous; please make sure your kids are not playing on or around the equipment.  
  • Be aware of any cuts or scrapes and cover them up with athletic tape. We keep the gym clean and mop our bjj mats every night but staph infections could happen, be smart. We sell rolls of tape for $2 and then you can keep it in your gym bag. 
  • Keep checking in!  April is Autism Awareness and all checkins go towards a charity associated with Autism.  Check. In. 

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