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Posted by Jennie Clark

Nov 13, 2016 6:14:56 PM

Are you sick of talking about a parking lot yet?  We are too.  This little gem of a project was seven months in the making and it had everything to do with city rules, regulations and requirements and nothing to do with the guys at Preferred Paving who finally got the green light to do the work - and did it well.  We LOVE it, things are cleaner, and it just looks so....NICE.  Too nice??  You might be surprised at the comments we've received from people who liked our grunge look and feel.  We get it, we liked it too but practicality must occasionally prevail.  What happens inside doesn't change a bit just because we shined her up a little bit.  

before.jpg painted.jpg lotlines.jpg

letters.jpgSpeaking of shining her up, parking lot lights are also coming.  Wow is it dark out there at night!  So we're fixing that too.   We've got partial signs on the building and our lit-up logo signs are coming on November 22, that's in 8 days and 15 hours, but who's counting.  Huge thank you to our MTT friends (Leo in boxing and her son Keivan is in kids BJJ) who own SMART DESIGN in Eagan for designing and making our signage! (They do all kinds of design work, use them for things!)

turkey.jpgHey we've got THE HOLIDAYS coming up!  Make sure to join us on Thanksgiving Morning for BEAST MODE BEFORE FEAST MODE EARN YOUR TURKEY WORKOUT at 9am.  This is a friends and family day here at MTT so bring them!  it's for ages 12 and up and we'll have Boxing, CrossFit, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu groups going.  

MTT_Santa_hat.jpgIt's also time for HOLIDAY GIVING.  For our fourth year in a row we will be adopting four Dakota County Families through a program called Armful of Love.  These family members list specific gifts they are hoping for and we get to team up to make sure they have a bountiful and generous holiday.  We will have the names basket available at the gym starting Monday 11/14.  Please do not take a name without letting one of us at the desk know so we can keep this process organized.  If you would rather donate money to be used towards a gift, that's appreciated too. OR we need as many Cub/Rainbow gift cards in any amount so that these families can enjoy an abundant holiday meal.  Thank you for helping out, we always somehow pull it all together and it is an amazing feeling to GIVE as an MTT family. #itsbettertogive

New MTT T-shirts and hoodies are coming!  We are in the designing phase and should have them in within 3-4 weeks - these will make some great Christmas gifts.  

gift.pngYou know what another great Christmas gift would be?  An MTT membership of course.  We sell punchcards and gift cards for any of our programs.  Just contact us at the front desk and we'll get you what you need.  

KyleNorman.jpgAlso consider taking advantage of a personal training  special we are running through 12/31/16 with Kyle Norman, Personal Trainer and MTT CrossFit Coach: 3 60-minute sessions for $99 (normally $60/hour/ $180 for 3 hours).  You can contact Kyle directly for more information. 

kyle_murphy.jpgNotice anyone new at the front desk lately?  That's KYLE MURPHY!  He's one of our boxing members and he's officially an employee of MTT.  Kyle will be working the front desk on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. If you haven't had a chance yet to meet him, you must; he's got quite a story to tell of overcoming a life-threatening sickness, learning to walk and function again, to now training for his first boxing fight.  You'll see more on that in a future blog but in the meantime please stop by and say hi and introduce yourself.  We're thrilled to have him here at MTT!  

Some exciting member news since we last wrote:  David Donnelly and Carl Bussian received their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belts and Erik Fagerstrom and Declan Bernardin earned their blue belts. Gavin won a well-earned boxing fight in St. Paul last weekend; Traden and Alex got new belts in Kids BJJ, and a whole bunch of our CrossFitters competed over the weekend and did MTT so very proud.


 Random tidbits:

  • Be aware of your hygiene and watch for signs of ringworm.  It sounds gross but it's actually quite common and yet it's something we don't want to deal with; no one's got time for ringworm (or staph infection!).  It's up to you to wash your gym gear (gi, belt, wraps, gym clothes) and shower after every session (we have showers even!) Cover up ANY scrapes or scratches or rashes with athletic tape.  Keep a roll in your bag so you're prepared.  (We sell rolls for $2 each.  easy.)   If you think you have it, get some Oregano Essential Oil on there (powerful anti-fungul), and stay away from the gym for a week or until it's gone. 
  • Credit cards get lost and stolen and expire - a lot.  We SO prefer to pull memberships from ACH bank accounts via a routing number and account number.  Be a dear and switch if you haven't already.  Saves us time chasing you down and saves us a boat load on charges too. 
  • You know we love reviews.  And new people rely on these reviews when searching us out.  Go for it, rate us and review us on FB or on Google. 
  • Holiday Hours: Closed Thanksgiving (except for our 9am class!), Closed December 23, 24 and 25; Closed December 30, 31 and January 1. 

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