Halloween WOD at MTT CrossFit

Posted by Jennie Clark

Nov 10, 2013 5:12:00 PM

MN Top Team CrossFit Eagan MNWe celebrated Halloween at MTT CrossFit in Eagan, MN in true form by having a costume WOD and post WOD party at MTT.  Our fearless leaders/instructors, Jeff and Jo, along with a little help from Ashley and Jennie, came up with the plan which was to include a terror trail run as the warm up, zombie crawls, pumpkin carries, and skull swings. 

 CrossFit near Eagan MNThe day arrived and Jo and Jennie brought in some pumpkins and we each brought a couple paleo treats to share.   Our awesome CrossFitters arrived one by one and to our delight almost everyone was in costume.  Jeff was an awesome fro'd out Jazzerciser, Jo was a marine with "real" marine cammis (or so she was told), Jennie dug out a snow white costume from many years past, Dennis arrived as a rock climber, Andy and Dave came as Dave and Andy and pulled off their roles to a "t", JC was an under-rooed Batman, Chris and Chelsey arrived as a Fork in the Road and as Pi (or maybe it was pumpkin pie because of the orange shirt?) and the girls Courtney, Ashley and Becky arrived as the "Average Joes" of Dodgeball fame.    Julian snuck in a little late as an awesome Richard Simmons but didn't grace us with the wig until post WOD, which made it doubly awesome.   We had a drop in by the newcomer Jason E who didn't get the "costume WOD" memo but who ended up staying to watch the WOD and hung out for the after party.  Kyle joined for some fun later too and we had a surprise visit from Globo gym owner, White Goodman aka Mark Spurbeck.  

MTT CrossFit Class on Halloween

Eagan MN CrossFit     MTT CrossFitters     

 The WOD went off with it's usual competitiveness - we started with our trail run and were "terrorized" by a masked and hooded jeremy at the end of the run which almost resulted in him getting hit by Dave and with a sufficient freakout by Courtney.  Well done, Jeremy.  Then the partner WOD included 200m pumpkin carries in between 75 wallballs, pushups, KBS, and sit ups.  Everyone pushed hard as always and then we played a traditional game of Whatever Ball -- this time with glow sticks.  

 CrossFit costumeAfter the 10 minute game that somehow always turns into 20 minutes, we hung out around the bonfire and had some paleo-ish treats.  Jo's mummy fingers (bacon wrapped sausages) were a hit as were Ashley's paleo brownies and cookies.  Not many passed up on the smores around the fire that Jeff hunted and gathered.

We rounded out the night with "friendly" games of two-touch.  

Good times.  


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