Losing the Fat Man at MTT CrossFit....Living the Change

Posted by Jennie Clark

Aug 19, 2013 1:38:00 PM

Submitted by MTT CrossFitter, Dustin Juell.  His 3rd in a series of journal entries on his weight loss journey.  

MTT CrossFit's DustinIn my first post, I told you about the Advocare 24-day challenge, which kick-started my lifestyle change. It was awesome! I have continued on to eat healthy and stay focused when faced with challenges like my daughter's birthday, watching my family eating pizza and cake! I have missed those goodies in the past, but I am slowly missing them less and less each day. I am finding alternatives instead - more on that in a few.

24 day challenge MN

It has been 90+ days since my first 24-day challenge and I am still losing weight, but I wanted to do another 24-day Challenge to give my weight loss a boost. As of now, I am almost done and it is going well. I am not losing the weight as fast as the first time, but that is what I expected. Before, I really needed more of a system cleansing. Overall, I feel better than before and am building more muscle. I am able to lift more weight now than when I started. I know that all of the hard work I am putting in is paying off. My box jumps have gone up 4 inches since last time I tried less than 30 days ago, and I can also do more of them. I will do another 24-day Challenge in 90 days or so to give me an extra push for the holidays.

Warrior DashI have less than 30 days until I do my first 5k obstacle run,Warrior Dash Minnesota. One of my friends is doing the race course with me and maybe more will come too. I will post pictures of that later! (I know I am crazy!) The countdown has begun: I go to Minnesota Top Team Crossfit classes in Eagan, MN at least 3 times a week, and hopefully more once my class finals are completed in the next week. I am planning to run more often each week as well, and because I'm posting this, YOU will hold me accountable. 

Earlier, I mentioned that I found alternatives for things that I love. Let's talk Asian food for starters: I found that caulif

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