Why being an MTT CrossFit Trainer is so rewarding

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jun 13, 2013 10:38:00 PM

Written by MTT CrossFit L1 Trainer, JoEllen DePalma (Jojo): 

Let me start by saying:

MTT CrossFit WODMTT CROSSFIT is a Community of Real athletes with an Obession and Strong commitment to health. Athletes Supportive of others and ever Fearless of challenge.  Athletes Inspiring one another to be confident and Tough enough to push just a little harder or farther.       

 Post WOD MTT CrossFitEveryday I’m inspired by the enthusiasm of each and every MTT CrossFit member that walks into our box for class.  Watching them come into the room with that look of curiosity as they glance toward the board for a peek of the “WOD”.  Watching them gather around the board to strategize together the best approach to attacking the “WOD”.  That feeling of excitement and anticipation as they wait and listen for the countdown 3-2-1 “Go”.  I love seeing the determination on their face as they climb up the 15ft rope to tap the bar, the excitement of completing their first hspu and look of accomplishment when they start stringing together multiple double-unders.

MTT WOD Pull UpsWhen I ask people what they like about MTT CrossFit, the answer I hear most often is the positive atmosphere and friendliness of everyone.  I’d have to say my favorite part of the class has to be that time just minutes before the WOD starts when you can just feel that nervous, excitement and energy in the room.  I love listening to the athletes talking strategies, guessing how many rounds they’ll complete or how long it will take them to complete the WOD.   But definitely the most fulfilling part of the class is the camaraderie of our athletes as they finish the WOD, grab a quick drink, catch their breath and then head right back to cheer on until the last person says “time”.

MTT CrossFitfind being a CrossFit trainer extremely rewarding, but not without challenges. (I’ll elaborate on the rewards my next blog.)  Right now, I’d like to address my biggest, personal challenge as a CrossFit trainer.  I would have to say the biggest challenge, for me but apparently not too many others, is choosing the appropriate workout music.  Yes, this is definitely my nemesis!  Don’t get me wrong, I love music. However, obviously the Pandora music stations that I’ve selected to date, just don’t have that edge.  You know that “you g

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