Get a Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage session for just a donation!

Posted by Jennie Clark

May 2, 2013 11:09:00 AM


Jenni Garlough owns and operates Sehej Mind and Body out of Minnesota Top Team.  Sehej Mind and Body provides individualized Thai yoga/bodywork sessions.  Read more here.  Jenni is offering a pretty cool opportunity to check it out during the month of May where you only pay what you want to.  Yes, you simply give a donation and you get an incredibly awesome stretching/bodywork experience.  Hear what she has to say:

Sehej Mind and BodyIts going on two years since I came up the concept of this small business and with Sehej having turned one in Febuary, I wanted to do something to celebrate. When you're a kid and it's your birthday, you bring treats and gifts for everyone in class. Not expecting anything back, knowing that you get one wish. That's the concept for this business plan.

Thai Yoga Bodywork at MTTI've done the online coupons and receieved my share of people just looking for a deal. I've put out gimicky packages and even paid my way into events to give free sessions. And in all honesty, at what is the going rate, I cannot afford to come in monthly and recieve a bodywork session from myself. So, I've finally decided to take some of the advice I was given as a kid and ask for what I want.

batman yogaSo for the whole month of May, I am inviting you, your cousins, your mother, your neighbor and all your friends to make an appointment and come in and "pay-what-it's-worth" to you; donation based Thai sessions and private yoga classes. Finally, there's no excuse not to come in. Like "I can't, I'm not flexible." or "Those things are for fancy people." Like the new wave of name-your-price for music, it's worked for Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and The Dresen Dolls. As well as other companies like Panera and countless yoga studios 

And for what I want? I'll be using this month's funds as a kickstarter. My wish to journey back to Thailand for additional courses and techniques. After studio rent is paid, consider Sehej Mind and Body to act as a "non-profit" for this foundation. Thai Yoga Bodywork at MTT

Really, yoga is for everyone. Taking care of your health is in everyone's budget and money should not be what is keeping you from taking care of your physical and mental health. So, do this for yourself. Email me at or text or call me at 651.247.6728 to set up an appointment and start feeling better. At least it's not snowing out.



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