MTT CrossFit: Why CrossFit is King.

Posted by Jennie Clark

Feb 3, 2013 10:31:00 PM

From Minnesota Top Team CrossFit Instructor, Jeff Culhane: Jeff Culhane, MN Top Team

It’s been 5 months since the grand opening of MTT Crossfit Eagan and it has gone by way too fast. As a CrossFit coach, I have seen students make serious improvements in every aspect of athleticism. It’s amazing to watch people become healthier, stronger, faster, and capable of most, if not all tasks thrown at them that day. CrossFit makes sense to me because I would utilize the same approach as CrossFit with my personal training clients. A good program should be diverse, challenging, efficient, and programmed with the client's needs in mind.

CrossFit blowing upWhy CrossFit is King. CrossFit is taking off faster than most can comprehend. Why? Because of the simple fact that is without a doubt one of the toughest strength and conditioning programs on the planet. Think yours is tougher? So did I. Couldn’t have been more wrong. Sticking your nose up because you wrestled in high school, played junior hockey, soccer in college, etc. definitely does not equate to elite fitness 5 years after playing. It does however give you a decent background and idea of the amount of work and pain it will take to get in shape.


boxing mn top teamI’ve personally played soccer through college, been snowboarding for 18 years, taken boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, bootcamps, heavy weight room routines, etc. After trying and enjoying all of those, I found CrossFit. None of the previous sports prepared me for what MTT Crossfit in Eagan had in store. A tough, no BS, strength and conditioning program used by elite military divisions that includes everything that is worth doing. 

soccer and crossfitNow here’s the cool part. So I was blown away at how hard CrossFit was and stuck to it. I shaved minutes off of benchmark workouts, PR’d on a lot of lifts, and felt great. Wish I would’ve started earlier. The fun came when I went back for an alumni game @ MSU and I had the speed, agility, cardio, shooting power, strength, balance, and everything else, as if I had gotten my legs back to what they were almost ten years ago. It was literally a dream come true to play a full 90 minutes, no subs, while my teammates were having a hell of a time making runs, checking back, covering, breathing, etc.

There are other experiences, like getting back into a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class 2 months after I started CrossFit. Did I learn moves any better?

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