Sticks n weapons n such. We've got Kali at MTT.

Posted by Jennie Clark

Aug 27, 2012 7:44:00 AM

Have you seen the guys on Monday nights training with sticks in the boxing room? Wondering what that's about?  Read below from Freddy and Mark to find out exactly what it is: 

Kali EscrimaThe Bahad Zubu Midwest Chapter is proud to join the Minnesota Top Team family, in bringing the highest quality Filipino Martial Arts training in the upper Midwest.  Filipino Martial Arts, also known as Kali, Arnis, or Escrima, are the traditional self defense arts of the Philippines, as well as being the national sport.  These arts are unique in that they emphasize the use of weaponry (such as sticks and knives) immediately in practice, to enhance the effectiveness of an individual in self defense scenarios where the attacker may not only be bigger and stronger, but also may be armed themselves.  It is believed that in order to understand how to deal with an armed attacker, the practitioner must learn how that attacker may use the weapon. 

Full array of Kali WeaponsBut beyond their applications to self defense, the Filipino Martial Arts are a fun way to increase coordination, fluidity of movement, and develop fighting strategy.  Students can expect a class that not only teaches the traditional arts, but emphasizes a strong base in physical fitness and sporting competition.  Every class has three components, a warm up that emphasizes the physical attributes needed for the art (such as footwork drills, striking drills, etc…), then a teaching section (teaching core FMA tactics such as feinting, monitoring, and adaptation), and finally every class ends with sparring.  The sparring is safe and fun, using the latest safety equipment, and is taken at each student’s ability level as well as desired level of contact. 

Fred and Mark, Kali Instructors at MTTThe coaches of the Bahad Zubu Midwest Chapter (Federico Malibago and Mark Basel) are both life long martial artists, who have travelled to train and compete in the Filipino Martial Arts, both nationally and internationally.  They are the only two certified Bahad Zubu representatives in Minnesota, and are among the highest ranking instructors in the US.  They bring a wide depth of knowledge of not only in Bahad Zubu, but multiple Filipino Martial Arts, and are dedicated to developing students to their greatest potential in the art.  They offer real and honest training, that is dynamic and alive, and produces real fighting ability.  It is a point of pride for the Bahad Zubu coaches to devote personalized attention to every student, and help them succeed in their personal martial arts and fitness goals.  All ages are welcome, though for anyone under the age of 12 we request that a parent participate with them. 


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