MTT's Ben on getting "Cut up from the Butt up."

Posted by Jennie Clark

Aug 5, 2012 6:47:00 PM

You may or may not have heard us yammer on about the 24-day challenge or the 10-day cleanse at MN Top Team.  

We don't get excited about something unless we personally believe in it and let me tell you that we have seen GREAT results in ourselves but more importantly we've seen amazing results in our friends, family and members of Minnesota Top Team.   We've lost count but we've had a minimum of 50 people do the 24-day challenge and it changes them.  In the mirror, in their clothes, their skin, their energy, and the way they think about their food choices. 

Take Ben for example.  He started Boxing at MTT in August 2011 and was 240lbs.  In April he was down to 212 and decided to do the 10-day cleanse because he had a trip to mexico planned and wanted to be "cut up from the butt up" as he so famously says.  So he jumped into it and only 8 days later he was down 8lbs but here's whats SO awesome -- look at his before and after pic, take a look at the difference in his belly after only 8 days.  Tell me this doesn't work??

        Ben day 1          Ben Day 8

The 10-day cleanse is a detox, requires clean eating (we have a sample meal plan for you to follow) and it includes fiber drinks, herbal cleanse pills, omegas, and spark energy drinks (to help you off coffee/pop). Cost: $85

The 24-day challenge includes the cleanse for the first 10 days then the next 14 days are a "rebuilding" period.  Your body is detoxed and cleansed and prepared for maximum nutrition absorbtion -- and this comes by way of daily vitamins, meal replacement shakes and more Spark energy drinks.  Most people are coffee and pop drinkers and of course these are not allowed on the cleanse and while this is THE biggest challenge initially, it is the one thing people are the most excited about after the 10-day -- they don't miss it and many of them never go back to it.  The thought of a sugary bubbly can of syrup is disgusting once you've started taking care of yourself, honest. Cost: $185

So maybe it's time for you to give it a try too.  Let us help you feel healthier. We'll be there to help you through it to make sure you see great results.

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