MTT CrossFit: Cost? Where? When?

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jul 29, 2012 5:38:00 PM

We are just a few days away from launching MTT CrossFit at Minnesota Top Team! You've been hearing about it and seeing ongoing changes take place in the gym so here's the scoop and all the details:  

Q: How much does it cost?

A: If you are currently a member of any program at MTT, CrossFit will cost an additional $130/month.  For everyone else it is $150/month plus a one-time registration fee.  These are monthly memberships with automatic payments deducted from your visa, mastercard or checking account on the 3rd of every month.   Punchcards are available for 10 sessions for $250.  One-time drop in rate is $30. Compare that to your typical personal training session. 

Q: Is that expensive?

A: No. We did our homework and all other CrossFit gyms range from $150-$200+ for monthly unlimited memberships. Your membership includes 2-3 class options per day, 6 days a week.  It's a bargain if you break it down.  And, our prices will be going up at some point in the not too distant future, so you should lock yours in now. lock

Q: When are the classes?

A:  Classes are Monday - Saturday, early a.m and evening classes. See the schedule. Everyone who joins MTT CrossFit will be required to complete four Fundamentals Classes. These classes will normally be on Tues and Saturday, HOWEVER, ALL CrossFit classes for the first 10 days of August will be fundamentals classes - get on board right away!

Q: Who will be teaching the classes? 

A: Jeff Culhane and JoEllen DePalma. Jeremy may fill in here and there. 

Q: What else do I get with my membership? 

MTT CrossFit JournalA: You'll receive an MTT CrossFit Journal to track your WODs and progress, sore muscles, and a huge sense of pride for being a part of something so challenging. 

Q: Is CrossFit too hard? 

A: Yes, that's why we love it. This should excite you not scare you off.  

Hear what trainer Jeff Culhane thinks of CrossFit.  Hear what MTT's Jennie thinks of CrossFit

MTT CrossFit RoomQ: If I'm an MTT Member can I use the CrossFit room to train? 

A: We're very sorry to say this but, no. As of August 1, 2012 when we kick off CrossFit, that room is for CrossFit members only.  Safety comes first and we cannot have people "testing" things out when they have not received proper instruction.  Of course you are welcome to use the remai

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