MTT CrossFit: what it is to me.

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jul 26, 2012 6:34:00 AM

I think I'm finally finding my groove when trying to answer the question, "What is CrossFit." It's not like it's some way-out-there concept but it's hard to explain it efficiently because CrossFit is SO many things while at the same time being so basic.  If someone asked me, "What is Zumba" - simple: it's a dancy workout, like an aerobics class with more shakey shake."   

So, here is what CrossFit is to me: 

WOD 7.25.12A: It's an intense, condensed workout that is either done for time, for reps or for max weight. Anyone any where can do CrossFit workouts because posts the "workout of the day" (WOD) every night for the next day and people all over complete it. While the workouts they post are over the top difficult, they can be modified down to the "lowest" level. It's motivating because it's a challenge against yourself, the clock, and the people around you. 

It's big in the military because they make it happen wherever they are and with whatever they have accessible for weights etc.  Anyone can do this, however, the benefit of going to an actual CrossFit gym is that they have the equipment and facility to accomodate most of the WODs.  There are CrossFit gyms all over the place and growing.  To be a CrossFit affiliate the owner must receive a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification. We are thrilled to have 3 Level 1 Trainers: Jeremy, Jo and Jeff.  MTT CrossFit Room

The workouts are addicting because the workout is always totally different and is not geared towards any "type" of athlete - it's the best all around functional strength and conditioning with a lot of core moves that include squats, olympic type lifting, pull ups, etc -- garage workout type stuff. 

After my first MTT CrossFit WOD
So we've been doing our own CrossFit workouts over the past couple months at Minnesota Top Team in the early morning hours and I am still amazed at the workout I can get in under 20 minutes. That dumb clock is what kicks my butt, it just keeps ticking away when all I want to do is stop and take a break.  But I love it. And I love adding this to my routine along with a circuit class and a boxing class when I can squeeze those in too.

                Cruel Clock

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