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Posted by Jennie Clark

Jul 23, 2012 9:27:00 AM

So Ashley and I went to the Advocare Success School this past weekend in Forth Worth Texas.  I'm not gonna lie - it was over the top.  Like, over over the top.  We thought we landed at DFW but in reality we landed on Planet Advocare.  

Advocare 2012 13, 500 people losing their minds over their idols and leaders in the program.  13,500 people dreaming of hitting diamond double double platinum and making ungoldy amounts of money every month.  It was a veritable rock concert with fire and all.  It was weird and overwhelming to say the least.   

I'm not judging those that are that into it, go get it is what I say. In fact I respect it, I'm impressed with your enthusiasm.  Similar to the people in church waving their hands about. I'm a christian and not a hand waver. Both sides are right.  On that note, what would have been really refreshing would be to not have been judged by others for NOT setting my sights on being a millionaire. See you don't know me, I've never been much of a "dream big" kinda gal.  My dreams are as big as getting the debt paid off, being able to take a vacation somewhere cool maybe twice or -- yikes, 3 times(!!?) a year.  I can't count the times that someone asked what I thought, and I told them, and I got the deer in the headlights look. They thought maybe if they dumbed it down for me a little bit more, or explained it YET again, maybe I'd see the light.  Kinda like when Jeremy is in Germany or Russia and asks the question over and over and louder and louder thinking maybe then they'll understand his canadian/american question. Nope, while I get it, I just don't speak advocarian. Don't hate me for it, in my country, people understand me. 

Advocare ProductsSee what i think is that the products come first, not the money making.  Cuz I love these products -- the stories we saw this weekend were hugely inspirational -- the difference that being healthy makes in people's lives is the ultimate reward.  That's why we own a gym - because people get healthy with us and it fills us up.   

Minnesota Top Team has been carrying Advocare products for sale for our members for about the last year and a half and we've had a minimum of 50 people simply do the 24 day challenge and get amazing results that changed the way they looked at and thought about food, nutrition and supplements.  They didn't just lose weight, they gained awesome energy, they gave up pop and/or coffee and fast food and felt the freedome of that.  We had 2 people get "no results" and it tore me up -- and made me question how well they followed it, but whatever. 24 day challenge

Do I intend to make some money by selling Advocare? yes. So do our t-shirt sales, our boxing equipment sales, etc.  Will I let you know that if you love the products too how it's pretty simple to save 20-40%?  Of course, duh.   Will I have mixers at my house? Never say never, but um, no, never. If I buy a yacht on the riviera and turn MTT into a super mega awesome gym with marble showers and become a double bacon chee

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