Cutting Weight: A Cautionary Tale

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jun 26, 2012 1:38:00 PM

Warning: What you are about to read is stupid. Really stupid. Don’t do anything like this. Ever. ~ Jon Grilz, BJJ Instructor, Minnesota Top Team

As some of you may have noticed, we decided to have the optional early weigh-ins the day before our June 30th Submission Only No Gi comp from 5-7pm. Ideally this is for those intent on cutting weight and getting the chance to rehydrate…...especially if any of you decided to do something as stupid as this…

I can still clearly remember a moment standing in line to weigh in for my second ever BJJ competition. Two guys were talking about how much weight they had cut.

weight cutting“Dude, I haven’t had any water for two days.”

His tone was filled with pride, clearly depriving himself of water for two days in order to get into a lower weight bracket was a badge of honor.

I shook my head and thought he was straight up stupid.

Flash forward about six months.

I was starting to think that bronze was the only color that medals came in. I was frustrated. I just couldn’t do better than a 3rd place finish in competition. I wanted to step things up, so I figured I should drop some more weight.

For my size (at the time) I considered myself to be pretty strong and pretty quick. Not sure where these delusions of grandeur came from, but they were enough to make me think that if I cut weight, my strength would make up for naturally smaller guys being a little faster than me.

I normally walk around (or try to) at 195. Weight cuts aren’t that big of a deal, just 6 pounds or so to get to a lower weight bracket and not have to deal with the monsters that cut down to the 190.0-199.9 weight class.

Well, why not drop down to 170-179.9? It wasn’t that much more weight, it would just take a little more commitment…

*sigh* I hate this part, but ideally it will serve a purpose.

EatingAs I’ve stated before, a large portion of my week is spent in a cube doing work I don’t like to think about outside of the gym. My diet is normally pretty good, but occasionally I like to splurge. It happens, no big deal. Unless you are trying to cut weight.

I kept telling myself, “Okay, tomorrow I will start the cut. Tomorrow…tomorrow.”

Before I knew it, it was the Sunday before the competition. I weighed 196 pounds.

[Long, embarrassing story of two-a-day cardio sessions and not nearly enough calories]

I weighed in the day before the competition at 177.7.

In my car, right after weigh-ins, I drank a full gallon container of Gatorade, and still didn’t go to the bathroom that night. My muscles had lost most of their volume, you couldn’t tell the difference between me flexing and unflexed.

Jon Grilz at 177My face was sunken and my wife said (and still loves to remind me) that conversations with me were tedious at best, usually more along the lines of straight up stupid.

I don’t look too bad in the picture. Of course, what you can’t see is that I have absolutely no strength left. I won my first two gi matches and lost something like 17-0 in the finals. That’s the silver medal.

I got the bronze because there were only three of us in the division. Nuf said.

Then I went home and was sick for the next three days.

Was it worth it?

Well, let’s

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