Why it's cool to be a dad at MTT

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jun 17, 2012 3:12:00 PM

Does your dad box?  Does he roll?  Does he train in Muay Thai?  Wouldn't it be cool if he did? We've got lots of cool dads at Minnesota Top Team that do all these things.  To all the dads at MTT: we think it's pretty awesome that you are a living example, for your kids, of what it means to have healthy interests, to make time for yourself, to follow a passion, and to do something you love. We've seen a lot of your kids in the gym and from the outside looking in, we can see them seeing you as more than just "dad" but as a real person with real interests. 

       Rachel H and Family        The Daniels'       Joey and his Dad, Jose        Enzo and his dad

For those other dads - the ones who take the time, week after week, to nurture the passions and interests of your sons and daughters by bringing them into the gym for classes. Hats off to you for giving them the gift of your time and for your faith in them in allowing them to follow a dream.  But more than anything, THANK YOU for entrusting us with their care and for giving us a chance to make a difference in their lives.  

               Steve and Skylar       The McGuire Boys       James and Rielly 

So cheers to the dads of MINNESOTA TOP TEAM.  We hope you had a wonderful day of celebrating fatherhood! 

We'll see you in the gym.

MN Top Team


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