Do you need a Thai Yoga massage?

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jun 13, 2012 11:45:00 AM

From the yogi's mouth - hear what the difference is between Thai Yoga Bodywork and a "Classic Massage". By Jenni Garlough, Minnesota Top Team's Thai Yoga Bodywork therapist:

It seems like I get this question quite a bit and for those still wondering and have not yet asked, this is for you...

First off, what is a classic massage? Most commonly, what comes to mind for people is a swedish table massage, probably with deep tissue. Where the receiver is undressed and lies down on a massage table. The therapist is trained in different styles of stroking and kneading and uses either oil or lotion on the receiver's skin. This type of massge is ideal for relaxation and circulating oxygen through the body, mainly effecting the hormonal and lymphatic systems of the body. The deep tissue side is performed with the therapist's hands, forearms, and elbows, using pressure to penetrate into the muscles below those near the surface. This technique helps release toxins and work out "knots", although it may leave the reciever feeling sore over the next few days.

Thai Yoga MassageThai Yoga BodyworkNow, what is Thai Bodywork at Sehej Mind and Body? Created from the Northern style of Thai massage, it incorporates assisted yoga positions, accupressure, and deep tissue. The receiver is clothed and the bodywork is on a floor mat. No oil or lotion is applied while the therapist uses hands, forearms, elbows, feet, legs, and body to roll, press and position the receiver's body. This form of massage works on opening the joints, increasing blood flow, "adjusting" posture, and improving flexiblity. A may be considered a more gentle form of physical therapy with the additional of use of pressure points to calm the muscles. This helps relieve held tension, in correspondence with oriental meridian lines. This technique also releases toxin, through a less invasive approach, with little to no soreness felt afterwards.

Thai Yoga BodyworkI hope this cleared a few things up for those who were wondering. In short, a session of Thai Bodywork includes clothing, light stretching, deep breathing, relaxation, and leaves you feeling a little bit taller.

The best way to understand is to experience it and you can do that now and save with our Summer Special: $50 off a 90 minute or longer session (for new clients only).  Remember that MTT members always save 15%!  See prices.

Thanks Jenni!

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