Boxing classes: Best most random life change I've ever made

Posted by Jennie Clark

Mar 10, 2012 8:15:00 AM

Here's a cool story of how one of Minnesota Top Team's boxing members got started. From Mitch, in his own words: 

I got involved at Minnesota Top Team because my boss wanted to do some team building and group exercise outside the office. Definitely one of the more random ways to find yourself getting into something like boxing. I have always had an interest that faded in and out to learn to box, never had the opportunity in childhood and by the time I got into fitness in my 20s I did the norm; run, and lift weights. 

Private Boxing Class at MN Top TeamWe took 4 private lessons as a group with those of us from the office, a couple clients, and a vendor or two. After a couple times at it a few of us fell in love with it, and others fell away. This has hands down become one of the coolest things, and most random life changes I have ever made and I am really glad I did. My initial thought was it would be an incredibly intimidating environment and after showing up it couldn’t be more the opposite. I don’t want to discount how intense the workouts are, but the environment they are in is welcoming and very supportive. 

Jeremy and Jennie were a great support getting started and learning the basics. When we ended our private lessons and merged into the standard adult boxing classes, it was definitely an increase in difficulty but Alex is a ton of fun to work with and knows how to pair people up well so your skill level is matched and you are comfortable. 

Mitch in the Ring at MN Top TeamWe (Liz, Greg, Kelly, and I) have had a blast getting to know Jennie, Jeremy, and Alex and being pushed each workout. It’s the only workout I have 100% looked forward to each time, and go away feeling challenged and ready to take on the next class. Thanks MTT for a great first couple months, we appreciate the support and the great facility you have put together to train fighters of all levels!

Mitch, we're thrilled to have all of you here at MTT and it's quite satisfying to see all of you leave each time happy and drenched in sweat.  



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