A year to remember at Minnesota Top Team

Posted by Jennie Clark

Jan 1, 2012 7:35:00 PM

2011 was a roller coaster year for Minnesota Top Team and for Jeremy and I -- so much GOOD and unthinkable bad. 

We took a huge leap of faith in 2011. I quit my job of 16 years to work FT on MTT and at the same time we doubled our gym space to 13,000 sq ft.  We spent NYE 2010 painting the new boxing room first a grayish shade of pink and then a better grayish shade of gray.  It was so fun to see everyone's faces as they came into the gym those first few months as the changes were happening fast and furious and everyone loved it.a pinkish shade of graybuilding the new front desk

In January we lost our Junsie, a painful loss. On the tail of that we got some great news when Jeremy got a contract with the Mannheim, Germany Jungadler Hockey Team which meant a couple more trips across the pond to train an incredible group of young man-childs. We were also excited to have them visit us at MTT in December. 

In the spring we watched our membership grow and our members settle into their new space.  Jeremy's hockey training was picking up as it does that time of year and we were excited to have our friend and brother, Derek, home for another memory-making summer. The fateful night of 5/12/11 was one that has forever changed our lives and took his and we sometimes pause and wonder if it's possible that he's really gone.

MTT Warriors!

Summer took Jeremy on more trips to Germany, the annual Russia hockey camp with Pavel Datsyuk and then onto a new venture with the LA Kings, where he is now on contract as a player development coach. In July a group of MTT warriors did the Warrior Dash and in July we added a new member to our family, sweet Maggie - who brings a new joy to our lives everyday.  MTT mascots Mystery and Maggie

We tried Zumba a couple times and while it was fun, Jeremy wins on this one -- probably not a good fit at MTT. We started carrying Advocare products and saw members get amazing results with those. Jeremy and I discovered "juicing" and haven't looked back.  We got so excited about it that we now sell juicers and we even held a nutrition seminar and a juicing demo. ?Our first Juice!

BJJ Blue Belts at MTTWe proudly watched some of our Jiu Jitsu/Judo members improve beyond expectations and advance in their belt ranking. BJJ membership is at an all ti

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