MN Top Team's Boxers' Night in the Ring

Posted by Jennie Clark

Dec 12, 2011 1:02:00 PM

This past weekend we had 4 of our Minnesota Top Team boxers step into the ring at a Golden Gloves event in Minneapolis. Leading up to the fights our guys trained hard: Rielly and Joey left the gym each night sweatier than I'd ever seen them sweat; Justin and Chris were working hard in competition class and Chris with his private lessons with John Schimon. No one was more consistent than Leo; the harder he worked, the bigger his entourage grew. Alex too trained hard, he started coming to Circuit Classes and there was a lot more "in the ring time with alex" in the Adult Boxing Classes.

Fight night came and we were completely blown away by the number of MTT members, friends and family that showed up to support our team.  There had to be 80 people there from MN Top Team - it was incredible. 

The only disappointment of the night was that Joey and Justin didn't get matched.  Joey worked his tail off leading up to this.  There wasn't a single one of us that wasn't super excited to watch him in his first fight. Justin's no-match was equally disappointing. He's been hungry for a fight since Summer; next time guys. 

The fights: 

MTT Youth Boxer Rielly Hammond (14) was the first fight of the night, which is tough. The crowd isn't warmed up yet and there are hundreds of people quietly watching you put it all on the line.  Rielly's been with MTT for a couple years and this was his 2nd fight.  I so wish we had a video to show his 1st fight vs this fight - Rielly knocked it out. He came out with decisive hits, very clean throws, he didn't back down, he didn't show fear, he kept his wind and it came down to a decision that was tough to hear.  Rielly is one of our long time youth boxers and it has been a true joy to watch him go from just a cute little kid to a young man with a funny sense of humor and dedication to training hard.


MTT Boxer Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels (45) was next at fight #5. This was his third fight (the last fight he knocked the guy out) and it started out rough in the first round but he totally owned the guy in the next two rounds. He landed just about every throw, his timing was on, and he wasn't phased by a single hit from the other guy.  It was obvious it would be Chris's hand that was raised at the end.  But it wasn't.  Again, a really tough loss. He's very much looking forward to a rematch.


MN Top Team Boxing Coach, Alex VazquezAlex Vazquez (35) was fight #12 of the night.  If you know Alex, you know he's been talking smack for about a month now to everyone at the gym about how this fight was going to go down. And, he delivered. It was crystal clear that he had trained hard and smart, and he had changed his game plan. He was aggressive from the start, he MOVED OUT OF THE WAY, he threw combinations, he handily kicked the guy

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