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Posted by Jennie Clark

Apr 5, 2014 11:30:00 AM

openCrossFit does this thing called “The Open” where all the CrossFitters around the world can register on line and then participate in the weekly WODs (workout of the Day) that CrossFit puts out.  You have 4 days to complete the workout in front of a certified CF Judge and you then record your scores online and can see where you rank in the world against other CrossFitters.   Each week the workouts are numbered week 1 is 14.1, week 2 is 14.2 etc through week 5.  At the end of it all you can see where you rank against millions of people (hundreds of thousands anyway…) and it also qualifies those at the highest levels to regionals and ultimately to the CrossFit Games.  

MTT CrossFit will be 2 years old in July and last year at Open time the lot of us were green and still using too many green bands to jump into the whole judging aspect and to even really know what all this “open” stuff was about. But THIS YEAR?  We were READY and we loved every second of it.  We  had 13 of our members officially register for The Open but all of our members had the opportunity to complete all the workouts as well.  
thatmomentMost WODs are crushing, but “OPEN” WODs bring it to a whole new level because of the fact that you’re being watched, judged, timed and everything has to be RX and right or you get a no rep and then you want to kill the judge.   No Broreps, no “count its”, no "that’ll do’s"  - get past 90, straighten your arms, get your feet past the bar, hit the line, or forget that wasted rep.  

We had some amazing break throughs over the past 5 weeks.  Every single person found strength where they hadn’t before, double unders were doubled and tripled, and chests met the bar for the very first time ever.  We had some breakdowns too: Kurt got beat up by a med ball, Dave took a knee to thrusters while losing his weight in sweat, and every single person had to take a pride and ego check - this stuff is hard.  Others are better/stronger/faster at us at something—or everything—and we just have to learn to be ok with that and focus on our own strides.    

   Kyle_MTTCF_wallball                   MTT_CrossFit_Open_2014                  MTTCF_open2014

                           austin_MTTCF_14.5     CrossFit_Eagan_Open_2014

Some great comments from some of our members about their 2014 Open experience:


"I like deadlifts, wallballs hated me, thrusters and bar facing burpees can go to hell." Kurt

"I can finally extend my arms without screaming pain after thrusters." Karen

"14.1 was my favorite for movements, 14.5 was enjoyable because it was less awful than I expected." Becky

"14.5 sucked the life out of me." Kyle

"14.3 was my favorite

because I found out I can deadlift 275." Chris

" "14.5 was my favorite." said no one. ever." Sean

"14.5 for sure, no real skill needed like the others, just glycogen." John

"I'm certainly the exception but I liked 14.5 because it was my best; 14.4 was my hardest." Mallory

We close out this Open season with a lot of pride for both our members and our coaches.  Jeff and Jo spent a lot of time getting certified for judging and MANY long days and extra hours were spent in judging individuals.  A big THANK YOU to Kurt for also getting certified to judge and helping Jeff out with covering 14.5.  

We have people at varying levels and everyone absolutely gave it 100% - we continue to be amazed at the drive, motivation and determination of all of you totally awesome people who walk through our doors at Minnesota Top Team everyday.

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